There are two things without which I can’t imagine my life. First is movement (Parkour) and the second one is photography. It all started when I was about 13 years old, we had an abandoned building in the area, me and my friends used to run through it, playing games, meet sunsets on the roof. In general it was then, when my acquaintance with parkour and photography actually began. After all, what could be better than to take a camera, climb to the roof and take a picture heroically standing over the precipice on a thin horizontal bar with sunset on my background. This passion I have until this day that developed in to a hobby, and from a hobby in to speciality. Gradually I gained skills and experience in photography. Now I'm still the same 13-year-old kid who jumps on the roofs, pipes, railing and takes pictures. I consider myself as an extreme photographer, because Parkour skills allow me to be in the places where ordinary people can’t get to, but apart from taking parkour related pictures I also love to photograph people, nature, cities, other sports, etc.. I think that people should do exactly what they love the most and always follow their purpose.